Calanthe Okushiri

Calanthe Okushiri shipCalanthe Okushiri is modern vehicles and passenger ferry, built by Naikai Zosen Corporation at their Setoda Shipyard in Japan. The construction of the vessel was completed in April 2017 and implements that latest IMO standards for safety and efficiency, designed specially for coastal operations in Japan and specifications of the route between Okushiri Island and Hokkaido. The ferry has overall length of 87.05 m, moulded beam of 15.00 m, depth of 9.60 m and maximum draft of 4.00 m. The deadweight of Calanthe Okushiri is 593 DWT and the gross tonnage is 3,631 GRT. With such dimensions and tonnage, the ferry has capacity to carry 460 passengers, as well as 18 trucks and 48 passenger cars. The ship is highly effective, arranging the loading of cargo vehicles through the aft ramp door and are accommodated on the car decks. Moreover, a starboard elevator allows the aged and the disabled passengers to move from the vehicle decks to passenger cabin decks, achieving a barrier-free environment.

The engineering on board of the cars and passenger ferry Calanthe Okushiri is highly effective and reliable. The main engines installed on board are two Daihatsu 6DKM-28e, each with power of 2,950 hp at 750 rpm. This gives total output power of 5,900 hp, which allows vessel to operated with service speed of 17.5 kts. Calanthe Okushiri is powered by two engines and two propellers and steered by twin rudders. The ferry hull form employs the bulbous bow and the ordinary catamaran type stern, which have improved propulsion performance and seaworthiness. Fin stabilizers are installed at the ship mid section to decrease rolling motion during navigation. The maneuverability is also increased by a bow thruster and the twin Schilling rudder with maximum rudder angle of 70 degrees effective at slow speed.

The cars and passenger ferry Calanthe Okushiri is operating under the flag of Japan with IMO number 9788813, MMSI 431001250 and call sign JD4146.

Calanthe Okushiri specification

Length: 87.05 m
Width: 15.00 m
Depth: 9.60 m
Draft: 4.00 m
Deadweight: 593 DWT
Gross Tonnage: 3,631 GRT
Cars Capacity: 18 trucks and 48 passenger cars
Passenger Capacity: 460 passengers
Engine: Daihatsu 6DKM-28e
Engine power: 5,900 hp
Speed: 17.5 kts

Calanthe Okushiri photos

Calanthe Okushiri ferry   Calanthe Okushiri