Epic Baluan

Epic BaluanEpic Baluan in modern and highly environmental gas carrier, built in 2017 at Sasaki Shipbuilding shipyard. The vessel has overall length of 113.00 m, while the length between perpendiculars is 106.80 m. The beam of the gas carrier Epic Baluan is 19.00 m, boards depth is 9.10 m and the maximum draft is 6.80 m. The deadweight of the ship is 7,182 DWT and the gross tonnage is 6,200 GRT. The LPG carrier is designed with a pressurized containment tank system consisting of two tanks with total loading capacity of 7,521 cbm LPG. The vessel has high capacity for transportation and improved safety, covering the latest IMO standards for operations. Moreover, the ballast water treatment equipment is installed in the engine room to protect the marine ecosystem.

The engineering is also highly reliable and efficient. The main engine of LPG carrier Epic Baluan is Hitachi MAN B&W 6S35MC-6.1, which has total output power of 3,680 hp, which allow operations with service speed of 14.0 kts. The carrier is mounted with stern fins for more efficient propulsion. The marine fuel injection is achieved at higher temperature, which allows better burning and lower emissions. The heavy fuel is heated to over 130 degrees and then being injected into the main engine, giving higher efficiency of the operation and allows achieved higher power from the engine. Electronically controlled engine optimized the propulsion performances and dynamics characteristics.

The gas carrier Epic Baluan is operating under the flag of Singapore with IMO number 9748978, MMSI 563007400 and call sign 9V2946.

Epic Baluan specification

Length: 113.00 m
Width: 19.00 m
Depth: 9.10 m
Draft: 6.80 m
Deadweight: 7,182 DWT
Gross Tonnage: 6,200 GRT
Cargo Capacity: 7,521 cbm
Engine: Hitachi MAN B&W 6S35MC-6.1
Engine power: 3,680 hp
Speed: 14.0 kts

Epic Baluan photos

Epic Baluan LPG carrier   Epic Baluan LPG tanker
Epic Baluan ship   Epic Baluan stern