Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni BelliniThe ferry Giovanni Bellini is emblematic vessel, operating on Elba Line, between Italian cities Piombino and Rio Marina. The ship was built in 1985 by Cantiere Navale Fratelli Orlando shipyard in Livorno, Italy. The ferry is single hull and built by steel, according to the IMO standards for the year of construction. The vessel Giovanni Bellini has overall length of 71.00 m, while the length between perpendiculars is 64.30 m. The moulded beam of the is 14.00 m, the boards depth is 4.80 m and the summer draft is 3.70 m. The ship is large and has maximum capacity of 790 passengers and 62 cars, while the deadweight is 474 DWT, the gross tonnage is 1,573 GRT and the net tonnage is 762 NT. The ferry is designed to provide highest comfort for the guests in spaceful public compartments and open spaces on the main deck. The vessel is not equipped with beds and staterooms for the guests and is usually designed for small distances and voyage on short routes.

The vessel has powerful and reliable engineering. The ferry Giovanni Bellini is driven by two Fiat 4S 12cyl-Vee engines, each with power of 2,485 hp at 1,020 rpm. The propulsion is provided by two controllable pitch propellers, which allow the vessel to operate with service speed of 16.5 kts. The ship’s engineering is modern and strong, while the fuel injection system decreases the fuel consumption and improves the efficiency. The ferry has filters to reduce the CO2 and NOx emissions, which is very important for operations between the two of the most popular resorts in Italy and required by local legislation.

The ferry Giovanni Bellini is owned and managed by Toremar (Toscana Regionale Marittima) and operating under the flag of Italy. The vessel has IMO number 8402357, MMSI 247041900 and call sign IKGF.

Giovanni Bellini specification

Length: 71.00 m
Width: 14.00 m
Draft: 3.70 m
Deadweight: 474 DWT
Gross tonnage: 1,573 GRT
Net tonnage: 762 NT
Passenger Capacity: 790 passengers and 62 cars
Engine: Fiat 4S 12cyl-Vee
Engine power: 4,970 hp
Speed: 16.5 kts

Giovanni Bellini photos

Giovanni Bellini ferry   Giovanni Bellini IMO
Giovanni Bellini ship   Giovanni Bellini vessel