Nanaura Maru

Nanaura MaruNanaura Maru is small car/passenger ferry, which was built in 2016 by Naikai Zosen Corporation in Japan. The vessel is designed for operations between Japan’s Main Island Miyajima-Guchi Pier and Hiroshima Island’s Miyajima Ferry Terminal. The passengers and automobiles are embarked and disembarked through rampway doors provided at the bow and stern. The upper deck of the ferry Nanaura Maru conforms to barrier-free regulations, for easier accessibility by people with disabilities and wheel chairs. Flat passages designed with no steps are provided from the bow rampway door through to the stern rampway door. Moreover, multi-purpose cabins and multi-utility toilets can facilitate embarkation of passengers using wheelchairs. The overall length of the ferry Nanaura Maru is 38.15 m, moulded beam is 10.00 m, boards depth is 3.87 m and the maximum draft is 2.65 m. The deadweight of the ship is 101 DWT and the gross tonnage is 268 GRT. With such dimensions the ship has capacity to carry 460 people with 6 cars, or 800 people without cars on board.

The engineering of the ferry Nanaura Maru is reliable and highly efficient. The main engine is Yanmar 6EY22AW, which has total output power of 1000 hp at 800 rpm. The ferry uses a controllable pitch propeller for increased ship maneuverability. The propeller blades are made of CFRP (carbon fiber-re-inforced plastic), which is strong and reliable material. The CFRP propeller is about 60% lighter than an ordinary propeller, and is expected to reduce inertia moment and noise generation. The automatic system controls fuel injection, making the speed changes faster and optimizing the fuel consumption. The service speed of the ferry is 15.0 kts, but maximum speed during sea trials exceeded 17.5 kts.

The car/passenger ferry Nanaura Maru is operating under the flag of Japan.

Nanaura Maru specification

Length: 38.15 m
Width: 10.00 m
Depth: 3.87 m
Draft: 2.65 m
Deadweight: 101 DWT
Gross Tonnage: 268 GRT
Cars Capacity: 6 passenger cars
Passenger Capacity: 460 passengers
Engine: Yanmar 6EY22AW
Engine power: 1.000 hp
Speed: 17.5 kts

Nanaura Maru photos

Nanaura Maru ferry   Nanaura Maru ship