Lavender ferryThe car and passenger ferry Lavender is one of the newest and most interesting vessels, built at Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The vessel was completed in 2017 and designed according to the latest IMO standards and implements the most modern marine engineering technologies. The vessel was deployed on regular route between Niigata and Otaru in the Sea of Japan. The ferry Lavender has overall length of 197.45 m, while the length between perpendiculars is 188.00 m. The beam of the vessel is 26.60 m, the boards depth is 20.30 m and the maximum draft is 7.20 m. The deadweight of the ferry is 5,725 DWT and the gross tonnage is 31,389 GRT. With such dimensions and tonnage, Lavender has capacity to carry 22 cars and 150 trucks, as well as 600 passengers.

The vessel provides passengers with a heart-warming experience, as the accommodations have bright and warm designs and an open-air bath and entrance hall. The space combines old and modern themes. The vessel’s coastal route in the Sea of Japan gives views of very beautiful scenery at dusk on the terrace or the decks.

The engineering on board is powerful and reliable. The ferry Lavender is driven by two Pielstick 8PC40L engines with total output power of 13,200 hp at 350 rpm. The main engine is electronically controlled and highly environmental, having low CEO2 and NOx emissions. The vessel was constructed with a new hull design and efficient propulsion system to increase the service speed and reduce the fuel consumption compared with previous vessels. The Vertical Stem Form, a newly-developed hull design, reduces the hull resistance, and the Proximity Twin-Screw System with shaft brackets, which achieves a closer clearance between the two screws, has improved the propulsion efficiency and reduced the hull resistance. Moreover, the vessel adopts the Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS) that covers the ship bottom with air bubbles to reduce frictional resistance between the hull and seawater. A special filers are applied to the funnels, reducing the sulfur emissions, according to the IMO standards.

Lavender specification

Length: 197.45 m
Width: 22.60 m
Depth: 20.30 m
Draft: 7.20 m
Deadweight: 5,725 DWT
Gross Tonnage: 31,389 GRT
Cars Capacity: 22 cars and 150 trucks
Passenger Capacity: 600 passengers
Engine: Pielstick 8PC40L
Engine power: 13,200 hp
Speed: 25.0 kts

Lavender photos

Lavender car ferry   Lavender ship